PR & Communications Awards

The TITAN PR & Communications Awards recognizes all corporate communications officers in companies or organizations for their outstanding work.

The image of an organization encompasses every aspect that makes up a business. Therefore, this award acknowledges the effort put into navigating the intricacies of maintaining a captivating overall image.


PR22001. Aerospace & Defense
PR22002. Aesthetics
PR22003. Agriculture
PR22004. App Development
PR22005. Art & Design
PR22006. Associations
PR22007. Automotive
PR22008. Banking
PR22009. Beauty & Cosmetics
PR22010. Biotechnology
PR22011. Branding, Advertising & Marketing
PR22012. Business to Business
PR22013. Business to Consumer
PR22014. Celebrity / Fan
PR22015. Chemicals
PR22016. Children
PR22017. Colleges / Universities
PR22018. Commercial (NEW)
PR22019. Community
PR22020. Construction
PR22021. Cyber Security (NEW)
PR22022. Consultation
PR22023. Consumer Products / Services
PR22024. Corporate Social Responsibility (NEW)
PR22025. Corporation
PR22026. Design / Web Agency
PR22027. E-Commerce
PR22028. E-Learning
PR22029. Education
PR22030. Electronics
PR22031. Employment
PR22032. Energy
PR22033. Engineering
PR22034. Entertainment
PR22035. Events
PR22036. Fashion
PR22037. Family / Parenting
PR22038. Financial Services
PR22039. Fitness
PR22040. Food & Beverage
PR22041. Games / Games-Related
PR22042. Government
PR22043. Green / Eco-Friendly
PR22044. Health Products & Services
PR22045. Hospitality
PR22046. Information Technology (IT)
PR22047. Insurance
PR22048. Investment
PR22049. Law & Legal Services
PR22050. Logistics
PR22051. Manufacturing
PR22052. Marketplace
PR22053. Materials & Supplies
PR22054. Media, News & Newspaper
PR22055. Metals & Mining
PR22056. Movie / Film
PR22057. Multi-level Marketing
PR22058. Music
PR22059. News (NEW)
PR22060. Nonprofit Organizations
PR22061. Oil & Gas
PR22062. Pharmaceuticals
PR22063. Political
PR22064. Professional Services
PR22065. Property / Developer
PR22066. Public Relations
PR22067. Publishing
PR22068. Radio
PR22069. Recruitment (NEW)
PR22070. Restaurant
PR22071. Real Estate
PR22072. Religion / Spirituality
PR22073. Retail
PR22074. Safety / Security
PR22075. Small Business
PR22076. Social / Networking
PR22077. Sports
PR22078. Sustainability & Environment
PR22079. Technology / Science
PR22080. Telecommunications
PR22081. Transportation
PR22082. Television
PR22083. Training / Knowledge-Base
PR22084. Tourism
PR22085. Toy
PR22086. Travel
PR22087. Utilities
PR22088. Website (NEW)
PR22000. PR & Communications / Other___
PF22001. PR Agency of the Year
PF22002. PR Executive of the Year
PF22003. Future PR Leader of the Year
PF22004. Best PR Campaign
PF22005. Best PR Strategy Communcations Strategy
PF22006. Best Media Relations Strategy
PF22007. Best Community Relations Strategy
PF22008. Best Internal Communication Strategy
PF22009. Best Crisis Communication Strategy
PF22010. Best Public Affairs Strategy
PF22011. Best Digital Communication Strategy
PF22012. Best Social Media Communication Strategy
PF22013. Best CSR Communcation Strategy
PF22014. Best Event-Led PR Campaign
PF22015. Best Launch / Re-Launch Campaign
PF22016. Best PR-led Integrated Communcations
PF22017. Best Regional PR

Deadlines & Fees

TITAN Business Awards makes every effort to keep entry costs affordable.

Thus, our entry fee is $79 for Business Website, and $295 for all other categories. Rather than increase the fee for each entry, fees are only charged in order to cover administrative costs like printing, mailing, and data organization. For this reason, each participant is charged a flat one-time $30 administration fee. When all participants pay the same low fee, those submitting more than one entry will actually pay less than if fees were on a sliding scale.

Entry Period
Early Bird
(May 11 - Jun 22, 2022)
(Jun 23 - July 20, 2022)
(Jul 21 - Aug 24, 2022)
Final Extension
(Aug 25 - Sep 21, 2022)
Professional 1st Entry $235 $295 $335 $355
Additional Category $155 $215 $255 $275
Additional Entry $235 $295 $335 $355
Business Website
First Entry
$69 $79 $89 $99
Business Website
Additional Category
$49 $59 $69 $79
Business Website
Additional Entry
$69 $79 $89 $99

* You may submit an entry into multiple categories at the same time. The first Category will be charged as per the original submission fee. Additional categories (2 or more) will be charged as such.

* TITAN Business Awards and International Awards Associate’s decision are final in its sole discretion and binding in relation to all matters relating to competitions and may not be subject to any discussions or correspondence.

Benefits and Recognition

The PR & Communications Winner of the Year will receive a complimentary statuette and a professionally designed certificate to celebrate their win. The winning talent will be highlighted on the main page of the TITAN Business Awards website, and published on our official social media platform.

In addition, Platinum and Gold winners will receive a complimentary certificate, template press release, as well as graphic downloads for marketing purpose. Winners in these categories may choose to purchase their respective TITAN Business Awards statuette with a reasonable fee.


The Category Winners of the Year from each category will receive a complimentary statuette and a professionally designed certificate to celebrate their win.


All Category Winners of the Year, Platinum and Gold Winners will get chance to showcase your winning work with a published interview on our media partner – Muse.World’s website.


Every winner gets a dedicated Winner’s Page for up-to 5 years to promote your achievement on our correspondence, social media, websites, and more.
Benefits / Winning Level Category Winners of the Year Platinum Winners Gold Winners
TITAN Statuette YES / /
Appearance on Winner’s Highlight Page YES / /
Mentioned in Winner Press Release YES / /
Mentioned in TITAN Business Awards e-Newsletter YES / /
Mentioned in Media Partner Website: Muse.World YES YES /
Dedicated Social Post YES YES /
Winner’s Interview YES YES YES
Dedicated Winners’ Page YES YES YES
Eligible to Purchase TITAN Statuette YES YES YES
Winner Certificate YES YES YES
Winner’s Badge YES YES YES

Submission Details

You will be required to submit written answers to the questions provided during entry, with descriptions to the organization’s achievements, OR a 5-minute video that answers all of the same questions.

However, for website submissions, you will have to submit a link to the organization's website, containing crucial details assessment. Also, do submit any relevant supporting documents (JPEGs, PNGs, or PDFs) if deemed necessary.

For more information regarding the submission formats and processes, please click here to view.