2022 TITAN Most Awarded Companies

Dominate the Industry as a TITAN

Every year, the TITAN Business Awards selects 10 outstanding companies who participated and won the most categories in the TITAN Business Awards based on specified criteria set by the International Awards Associate (IAA). These twenty companies are the epitome of creativity, strategy and expertise, where their unique understanding in business strategies allow them to think outside the box and into the realm of near perfection.

The curated list represents an influential mix of companies that flourishes under the spotlight – titans of the industry, organizations, entrepreneurs, independent creative professionals, PR & communications firms, and marketers. In a world filled with pockets of creativity, the best creatives will find their inner TITAN and craft operations that will elevate the entirety of humanity.

2022 TITAN Most Awarded Company - Gravity Global
No. 1

United Kingdom

Gravity Global

Gravity Global is the world’s most awarded specialist B2B marketing consultancy offering full-service marketing communications including marketing and brand strategy, research and insight, and creative and execution. Working with brands on a global scale, Gravity Global is a brand-to-demand agency with a mission to transform with the power of marketing.

2022 TITAN Most Awarded Company - Lazarev.agency
No. 2



Lazarev. is a Product Design Agency with 7+ years of experience creating solid designs for early-stage startups and established brands. At Lazarev., we combine human empathy and intelligent data to build revolutionary products from scratch. We can also redesign existing web platforms/apps to boost conversions and stand out from the competition.

2022 TITAN Most Awarded Company - National Dentex
No. 3

United States

National Dentex

National Dentex Labs is the solution for ALL of your dental restorations, appliances, and other lab services. NDX is the largest dental lab network with more than 30 service oriented local labs, aesthetic labs with deep experience and skills, simple domestic and offshore mail-order options, and the most advanced technology in digital dentistry and surgical planning.

2022 TITAN Most Awarded Company - Ambiq
No. 4

United States


Ambiq® was founded in 2010 on the simple yet powerful notion that extremely low-power semiconductors are the key to the future of electronics. Through the use of pioneering ultra-low power technology, innovative companies around the world are developing differentiated solutions that reduce or eliminate the need for batteries, reduce overall system power and maximize industrial design flexibility. Ambiq Micro has developed breakthrough technology based on its patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT®) platform that dramatically reduces the amount of power consumed by semiconductors, thus making its integrated circuits (ICs) an ideal solution for energy-critical applications.

2022 TITAN Most Awarded Company - QNET
No. 5



QNET has left an impact in more than 100 countries around the world since 1998.

As one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies, we offer a wide range of health, wellness and lifestyle products that enable people to lead better lives. Our portfolio of high-quality, life-enhancing products has been developed exclusively for QNET by international manufacturers. These products range from everyday consumables to high-end luxury items available in seven different categories.

2022 TITAN Most Awarded Company - ServiceMaster AAA
No. 6

United Kingdom

ServiceMaster AAA

ServiceMaster Clean is a company that provides cleaning and disinfecting services in commercial, healthcare and religious facilities throughout the United States, Canada and ten other countries. As a franchised business, franchises provide both commercial and residential services.

2022 TITAN Most Awarded Company - 4Life Research
No. 7

United States

4Life Research

4Life Research Is The Immune System Company™

In 1998, Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee embarked on a journey to bring 4Life Transfer Factor® products to the world. Unlike common supplements you’ll find in health food stores, transfer factors aren’t vitamins, minerals, or herbs; rather, they’re messenger molecules that transfer immune system memory and knowledge from one entity to another.

2022 TITAN Most Awarded Company - TRU MK7
No. 8

New Zealand


TRU MK7TM is the ONLY joint supplement that uses vitamin MK7 for joint health. It has a comprehensive original formula with two pending patents and has been based on University-led research to naturally support joint comfort. Developed by the leading vitamin MK7 researcher in the world, New Zealand biopharmaceutical scientist Dr Aydin Berenjian, it is a joint supplement that is designed, formulated and encapsulated in New Zealand.

2022 TITAN Most Awarded Company - Singapore Ecommerce Centre Pte Ltd
No. 9


Singapore Ecommerce Centre Pte Ltd

Nano Singapore was started on a simple, powerful idea: To Help People Live Happier Through Wellness Innovation.

2022 TITAN Most Awarded Company - Morgan Elite Specialist Services, LLC
No. 10

United States

Morgan Elite Specialist Services, LLC

At Morgan Elite Specialist Services, we follow the highest standards of ethical and legal practices in public adjusting. As reputable insurance claim specialists in Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, and other states, we are dedicated to helping insured homeowners, and commercial business owners get the coverage they are due in case of fire, bad weather, and other catastrophic events.

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