TITAN Business Awards Categories



General Achievement Categories

AA23000 Achievement / Others:___

AA23001 Achievement in Business Development (NEW)

AA23002 Achievement in Customer Satisfaction

AA23003 Achievement in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (NEW)

AA23004 Achievement in Environmental Sustainability (NEW)

AA23005 Achievement in Finance

AA23006 Achievement in General Excellence (NEW)

AA23007 Achievement in Growth

AA23008 Achievement in Human Resources

AA23009 Achievement in International Expansion

AA23010 Achievement in Management

AA23011 Achievement in Organization Recovery

AA23012 Achievement in Partners and Distribution Growth (NEW)

AA23013 Achievement in Product Innovation

AA23014 Achievement in Sales or Revenue Generation

AA23015 Achievement in Science or Technology

Business Development (NEW)

General Business Development (NEW) Categories

BD23001 Aerospace & Defense

BD23002 Aesthetics

BD23003 Agriculture

BD23004 App Development

BD23005 Art & Design

BD23006 Artificial Intelligence (NEW)

BD23007 Associations

BD23008 Automotive

BD23009 Banking

BD23010 Beauty & Cosmetics

BD23011 Biotechnology

BD23012 Branding, Advertising & Marketing

BD23000 Business Development / Others:___

BD23013 Business to Business

BD23014 Business to Consumer

BD23015 Celebrity / Fan

BD23016 Chemicals

BD23017 Children

BD23018 Colleges / Universities

BD23019 Commercial

BD23020 Community

BD23021 Conglomerates (NEW)

BD23022 Construction

BD23024 Consultation

BD23025 Consumer Products / Services

BD23026 Corporate Social Responsibility

BD23027 Corporation

BD23023 Cyber Security

BD23028 Design / Web Agency

BD23029 Diversified Services (NEW)

BD23030 E-Commerce

BD23031 E-Learning

BD23032 Education

BD23033 Electronics

BD23034 Employment

BD23035 Energy

BD23036 Engineering

BD23037 Entertainment

BD23038 Events

BD23040 Family / Parenting

BD23039 Fashion

BD23041 Financial Services

BD23042 Fitness

BD23043 Food & Beverage

BD23044 Games / Games-Related

BD23045 Government

BD23046 Green / Eco-Friendly

BD23047 Health Products & Services

BD23048 Hospitality

BD23049 Information Technology (IT)

BD23050 Insurance

BD23051 Internet & New Media (NEW)

BD23052 Investment

BD23053 Law & Legal Services

BD23054 Logistics

BD23055 Manufacturing

BD23056 Marketplace

BD23057 Materials & Supplies

BD23058 Media, News & Newspaper

BD23059 Metals & Mining

BD23060 Movie / Film

BD23061 Multi-level Marketing

BD23062 Music

BD23063 News

BD23064 NextGen Technology (NEW)

BD23065 Nonprofit Organizations

BD23066 Oil & Gas

BD23067 Pharmaceuticals

BD23068 Political

BD23069 Professional Services

BD23070 Property / Developer

BD23071 Public Relations

BD23072 Publishing

BD23073 Radio

BD23076 Real Estate

BD23074 Recruitment

BD23077 Religion / Spirituality

BD23075 Restaurant

BD23078 Retail

BD23079 Robotics (NEW)

BD23080 Safety / Security

BD23081 Shipping (NEW)

BD23082 Small Business

BD23083 Social / Networking

BD23084 Software (NEW)

BD23085 Sports

BD23086 Sustainability & Environment

BD23087 Technology / Science

BD23088 Telecommunications

BD23090 Television

BD23092 Tourism

BD23093 Toy

BD23091 Training / Knowledge-Based

BD23089 Transportation

BD23094 Travel

BD23095 Utilities

BD23096 Website

Company & Organization

General Company & Organization Categories

CA23001 Aerospace & Defense

CA23002 Aesthetics

CA23003 Agriculture

CA23004 App Development

CA23005 Art & Design

CA23006 Artificial Intelligence (NEW)

CA23007 Associations

CA23008 Automotive

CA23009 Banking

CA23010 Beauty & Cosmetics

CA23011 Biotechnology

CA23012 Branding, Advertising & Marketing

CA23013 Business to Business

CA23014 Business to Consumer

CA23015 Celebrity / Fan

CA23016 Chemicals

CA23017 Children

CA23018 Colleges / Universities

CA23019 Commercial

CA23020 Community

CA23000 Company & Organization / Others:___

CA23021 Conglomerates (NEW)

CA23022 Construction

CA23024 Consultation

CA23025 Consumer Products / Services

CA23026 Corporate Social Responsibility

CA23027 Corporation

CA23023 Cyber Security

CA23028 Design / Web Agency

CA23029 Diversified Services (NEW)

CA23030 E-Commerce

CA23031 E-Learning

CA23032 Education

CA23033 Electronics

CA23034 Employment

CA23035 Energy

CA23036 Engineering

CA23037 Entertainment

CA23038 Events

CA23040 Family / Parenting

CA23039 Fashion

CA23041 Financial Services

CA23042 Fitness

CA23043 Food & Beverage

CA23044 Games / Games-Related

CA23045 Government

CA23046 Green / Eco-Friendly

CA23047 Health Products & Services

CA23048 Hospitality

CA23049 Information Technology (IT)

CA23050 Insurance

CA23051 Internet & New Media (NEW)

CA23052 Investment

CA23053 Law & Legal Services

CA23054 Logistics

CA23055 Manufacturing

CA23056 Marketplace

CA23057 Materials & Supplies

CA23058 Media, News & Newspaper

CA23059 Metals & Mining

CA23060 Movie / Film

CA23061 Multi-level Marketing

CA23062 Music

CA23063 News

CA23064 NextGen Technology (NEW)

CA23065 Nonprofit Organizations

CA23066 Oil & Gas

CA23067 Pharmaceuticals

CA23068 Political

CA23069 Professional Services

CA23070 Property / Developer

CA23071 Public Relations

CA23072 Publishing

CA23073 Radio

CA23076 Real Estate

CA23074 Recruitment

CA23077 Religion / Spirituality

CA23075 Restaurant

CA23078 Retail

CA23079 Robotics (NEW)

CA23080 Safety / Security

CA23081 Shipping (NEW)

CA23082 Small Business

CA23083 Social / Networking

CA23084 Software (NEW)

CA23085 Sports

CA23086 Sustainability & Environment

CA23087 Technology / Science

CA23088 Telecommunications

CA23090 Television

CA23092 Tourism

CA23093 Toy

CA23091 Training / Knowledge-Based

CA23089 Transportation

CA23094 Travel

CA23095 Utilities

CA23096 Website

Company & Organization Features

CF23001 Best Workplace of the Year

CF23002 Business of the Year

CF23003 CSR Program of the Year

CF23004 Startup of the Year

CF23005 Family Business of the Year (NEW)

CF23006 Fastest-Growing Company of the Year

CF23007 Health, Safety & Environmental Program of the Year

CF23008 Minority-Owned Business of the Year

CF23009 Most Innovative Company of the Year

CF23010 Student-Run Business of the Year

CF23011 Technical Innovation of the Year

CF23012 Veteran-Owned Business of the Year


General Creative Categories

CA23001 Advertising Agency of the Year

CA23005 Best Advertising Campaign

CA23007 Best Creative Project or initiative

CA23006 Best Digital Campaign

CA23008 Best Marketing Campaign

CA23000 Creative Awards / Others:___

CA23003 Creative Department / Team of the Year

CA23004 Creative Executive of the Year

CA23002 Design Agency of the Year

Customer Service

General Customer Service Categories

CS23001 Aerospace & Defense

CS23002 Aesthetics

CS23003 Agriculture

CS23004 App Development

CS23005 Art & Design

CS23006 Artificial Intelligence (NEW)

CS23007 Associations

CS23008 Automotive

CS23009 Banking

CS23010 Beauty & Cosmetics

CS23011 Biotechnology

CS23012 Branding, Advertising & Marketing

CS23013 Business to Business

CS23014 Business to Consumer

CS23015 Celebrity / Fan

CS23016 Chemicals

CS23017 Children

CS23018 Colleges / Universities

CS23019 Commercial

CS23020 Community

CS23021 Conglomerates (NEW)

CS23022 Construction

CS23024 Consultation

CS23025 Consumer Products / Services

CS23026 Corporate Social Responsibility

CS23027 Corporation

CS23000 Customer Service / Others:___

CS23023 Cyber Security

CS23028 Design / Web Agency

CS23029 Diversified Services (NEW)

CS23030 E-Commerce

CS23031 E-Learning

CS23032 Education

CS23033 Electronics

CS23034 Employment

CS23035 Energy

CS23036 Engineering

CS23037 Entertainment

CS23038 Events

CS23040 Family / Parenting

CS23039 Fashion

CS23041 Financial Services

CS23042 Fitness

CS23043 Food & Beverage

CS23044 Games / Games-Related

CS23045 Government

CS23046 Green / Eco-Friendly

CS23047 Health Products & Services

CS23048 Hospitality

CS23049 Information Technology (IT)

CS23050 Insurance

CS23051 Internet & New Media (NEW)

CS23052 Investment

CS23053 Law & Legal Services

CS23054 Logistics

CS23055 Manufacturing

CS23056 Marketplace

CS23057 Materials & Supplies

CS23058 Media, News & Newspaper

CS23059 Metals & Mining

CS23060 Movie / Film

CS23061 Multi-level Marketing

CS23062 Music

CS23063 News

CS23064 NextGen Technology (NEW)

CS23065 Nonprofit Organizations

CS23066 Oil & Gas

CS23067 Pharmaceuticals

CS23068 Political

CS23069 Professional Services

CS23070 Property / Developer

CS23071 Public Relations

CS23072 Publishing

CS23073 Radio

CS23076 Real Estate

CS23074 Recruitment

CS23077 Religion / Spirituality

CS23075 Restaurant

CS23078 Retail

CS23079 Robotics (NEW)

CS23080 Safety / Security

CS23081 Shipping (NEW)

CS23082 Small Business

CS23083 Social / Networking

CS23084 Software (NEW)

CS23085 Sports

CS23086 Sustainability & Environment

CS23087 Technology / Science

CS23088 Telecommunications

CS23090 Television

CS23092 Tourism

CS23093 Toy

CS23091 Training / Knowledge-Based

CS23089 Transportation

CS23094 Travel

CS23095 Utilities

CS23096 Website

Customer Service Features

SF23001 Customer Service Executive of the Year

SF23002 Contact Center of the Year

SF23003 Customer Service Department / Team of the Year

SF23004 Best Customer Engagement Initiative

SF23005 Best Customer Feedback Strategy

SF23006 Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy

SF23007 Best Customer Service Campaign

SF23008 Best Customer Service Training or Coaching Program

SF23009 Best Customer Service Website

SF23010 Best Digital Strategy for Customer Service

SF23011 Best e-Commerce Customer Service

SF23012 Best Implementation of Online Customer Service

SF23013 Best Innovation in Customer Service

SF23014 Best Improvement Strategy in Customer Service

SF23015 Best use of Social Media in Customer Service

SF23016 Best use of Technology in Customer Service


General Entrepreneur Categories

EA23001 Aerospace & Defense

EA23002 Aesthetics

EA23003 Agriculture

EA23004 App Development

EA23005 Art & Design

EA23006 Artificial Intelligence (NEW)

EA23007 Associations

EA23008 Automotive

EA23009 Banking

EA23010 Beauty & Cosmetics

EA23011 Biotechnology

EA23012 Branding, Advertising & Marketing

EA23013 Business to Business

EA23014 Business to Consumer

EA23015 Celebrity / Fan

EA23016 Chemicals

EA23017 Children

EA23018 Colleges / Universities

EA23019 Commercial

EA23020 Community

EA23021 Conglomerates (NEW)

EA23022 Construction

EA23024 Consultation

EA23025 Consumer Products / Services

EA23026 Corporate Social Responsibility

EA23027 Corporation

EA23023 Cyber Security

EA23028 Design / Web Agency

EA23029 Diversified Services (NEW)

EA23030 E-Commerce

EA23031 E-Learning

EA23032 Education

EA23033 Electronics

EA23034 Employment

EA23035 Energy

EA23036 Engineering

EA23037 Entertainment

EA23000 Entrepreneur / Others:___

EA23038 Events

EA23040 Family / Parenting

EA23039 Fashion

EA23041 Financial Services

EA23042 Fitness

EA23043 Food & Beverage

EA23044 Games / Games-Related

EA23045 Government

EA23046 Green / Eco-Friendly

EA23047 Health Products & Services

EA23048 Hospitality

EA23049 Information Technology (IT)

EA23050 Insurance

EA23051 Internet & New Media (NEW)

EA23052 Investment

EA23053 Law & Legal Services

EA23054 Logistics

EA23055 Manufacturing

EA23056 Marketplace

EA23057 Materials & Supplies

EA23058 Media, News & Newspaper

EA23059 Metals & Mining

EA23060 Movie / Film

EA23061 Multi-level Marketing

EA23062 Music

EA23063 News

EA23064 NextGen Technology (NEW)

EA23065 Nonprofit Organizations

EA23066 Oil & Gas

EA23067 Pharmaceuticals

EA23068 Political

EA23069 Professional Services

EA23070 Property / Developer

EA23071 Public Relations

EA23072 Publishing

EA23073 Radio

EA23076 Real Estate

EA23074 Recruitment

EA23077 Religion / Spirituality

EA23075 Restaurant

EA23078 Retail

EA23079 Robotics (NEW)

EA23080 Safety / Security

EA23081 Shipping (NEW)

EA23082 Small Business

EA23083 Social / Networking

EA23084 Software (NEW)

EA23085 Sports

EA23086 Sustainability & Environment

EA23087 Technology / Science

EA23088 Telecommunications

EA23090 Television

EA23092 Tourism

EA23093 Toy

EA23091 Training / Knowledge-Based

EA23089 Transportation

EA23094 Travel

EA23095 Utilities

EA23096 Website

Event (NEW)

General Event (NEW) Categories

EE23001 Art Event

EE23002 Association Meeting

EE23003 B2B Event

EE23004 B2C Event

EE23005 Brand Activation

EE23006 Brand Engagement Event

EE23007 Cause Event

EE23008 Celebration Event

EE23009 Community Engagement Event

EE23010 Conference

EE23011 Consumer Show

EE23012 Convention

EE23013 Corporate Event

EE23014 CSR Event

EE23015 Cultural Event

EE23016 Customer Engagement Event

EE23017 Educational Event

EE23018 Employee Engagement Event

EE23019 Entertainment Event

EE23020 eSports Event

EE23000 Event / Others:___

EE23021 Exhibition Experience

EE23022 Experiential Event

EE23023 Fair

EE23024 Fashion Event

EE23025 Festival

EE23026 Fundraising Event

EE23027 Gala

EE23028 Healthcare & Wellness Event

EE23030 In-Store Experience

EE23029 Incentive Event

EE23031 Interactive Outdoor Event

EE23032 Launch Event

EE23033 Live Event

EE23034 Medical Congress

EE23035 Municipal Event

EE23036 Music Event

EE23037 Networking Event

EE23038 Partner Engagement Event

EE23039 Pop-Up Event

EE23040 Public Event

EE23041 Roadshow

EE23042 Scientific Congress

EE23043 Sponsorship Experience

EE23044 Sporting Event

EE23045 Summit

EE23046 Sustainable Event

EE23047 Team Building Event

EE23048 Tech Event

EE23049 Thought Leadership

EE23050 Trade Show

EE23051 Virtual Event

Executives & Professionals of the Year (NEW)

General Executives & Professionals of the Year (NEW) Categories

EP23001 Communicator of the Year (NEW)

EP23002 Creative Person of the Year (NEW)

EP23003 Entrepreneur of the Year (NEW)

EP23004 Influencer of the Year (NEW)

EP23005 Innovator of the Year (NEW)

EP23006 Market Maker of the Year (NEW)

EP23007 Mentor of the Year (NEW)

EP23008 Metrics Driven Person of the Year (NEW)

EP23009 Result-Oriented of the Year (NEW)

EP23010 Team Builder of the Year (NEW)

EP23011 Transformation Leader of the Year (NEW)

EP23012 Visionary of the Year (NEW)

EP23013 Wise Arbiter of the Year (NEW)

Human Resources

General Human Resources Categories

HR23001 Aerospace & Defense

HR23002 Aesthetics

HR23003 Agriculture

HR23004 App Development

HR23005 Art & Design

HR23006 Artificial Intelligence (NEW)

HR23007 Associations

HR23008 Automotive

HR23009 Banking

HR23010 Beauty & Cosmetics

HR23011 Biotechnology

HR23012 Branding, Advertising & Marketing

HR23013 Business to Business

HR23014 Business to Consumer

HR23015 Celebrity / Fan

HR23016 Chemicals

HR23017 Children

HR23018 Colleges / Universities

HR23019 Commercial

HR23020 Community

HR23021 Conglomerates (NEW)

HR23022 Construction

HR23024 Consultation

HR23025 Consumer Products / Services

HR23026 Corporate Social Responsibility

HR23027 Corporation

HR23023 Cyber Security

HR23028 Design / Web Agency

HR23029 Diversified Services (NEW)

HR23030 E-Commerce

HR23031 E-Learning

HR23032 Education

HR23033 Electronics

HR23034 Employment

HR23035 Energy

HR23036 Engineering

HR23037 Entertainment

HR23038 Events

HR23040 Family / Parenting

HR23039 Fashion

HR23041 Financial Services

HR23042 Fitness

HR23043 Food & Beverage

HR23044 Games / Games-Related

HR23045 Government

HR23046 Green / Eco-Friendly

HR23047 Health Products & Services

HR23048 Hospitality

HR23000 Human Resources / Others:___

HR23049 Information Technology (IT)

HR23050 Insurance

HR23051 Internet & New Media (NEW)

HR23052 Investment

HR23053 Law & Legal Services

HR23054 Logistics

HR23055 Manufacturing

HR23056 Marketplace

HR23057 Materials & Supplies

HR23058 Media, News & Newspaper

HR23059 Metals & Mining

HR23060 Movie / Film

HR23061 Multi-level Marketing

HR23062 Music

HR23063 News

HR23064 NextGen Technology (NEW)

HR23065 Nonprofit Organizations

HR23066 Oil & Gas

HR23067 Pharmaceuticals

HR23068 Political

HR23069 Professional Services

HR23070 Property / Developer

HR23071 Public Relations

HR23072 Publishing

HR23073 Radio

HR23076 Real Estate

HR23074 Recruitment

HR23077 Religion / Spirituality

HR23075 Restaurant

HR23078 Retail

HR23079 Robotics (NEW)

HR23080 Safety / Security

HR23081 Shipping (NEW)

HR23082 Small Business

HR23083 Social / Networking

HR23084 Software (NEW)

HR23085 Sports

HR23086 Sustainability & Environment

HR23087 Technology / Science

HR23088 Telecommunications

HR23090 Television

HR23092 Tourism

HR23093 Toy

HR23091 Training / Knowledge-Based

HR23089 Transportation

HR23094 Travel

HR23095 Utilities

HR23096 Website

Human Resources Features

HF23001 HR Department / Team of the Year

HF23002 HR Executive of the Year

HF23003 HR Future Leader of the Year

HF23004 Best CSR Strategy

HF23005 Best HR Strategy

HF23006 Best Employee Engagement Strategy

HF23007 Best Health & Wellbeing Strategy

HF23008 Best Learning & Development Strategy

HF23009 Best Recruitment Strategy

HF23010 Best Reward & Recognition Strategy

HF23011 Best Transformation Strategy

Information Technology

General Information Technology Categories

IT23001 Aerospace & Defense

IT23002 Aesthetics

IT23003 Agriculture

IT23004 App Development

IT23005 Art & Design

IT23006 Artificial Intelligence (NEW)

IT23007 Associations

IT23008 Automotive

IT23009 Banking

IT23010 Beauty & Cosmetics

IT23011 Biotechnology

IT23012 Branding, Advertising & Marketing

IT23013 Business to Business

IT23014 Business to Consumer

IT23015 Celebrity / Fan

IT23016 Chemicals

IT23017 Children

IT23018 Colleges / Universities

IT23019 Commercial

IT23020 Community

IT23021 Conglomerates (NEW)

IT23022 Construction

IT23024 Consultation

IT23025 Consumer Products / Services

IT23026 Corporate Social Responsibility

IT23027 Corporation

IT23023 Cyber Security

IT23028 Design / Web Agency

IT23029 Diversified Services (NEW)

IT23030 E-Commerce

IT23031 E-Learning

IT23032 Education

IT23033 Electronics

IT23034 Employment

IT23035 Energy

IT23036 Engineering

IT23037 Entertainment

IT23038 Events

IT23040 Family / Parenting

IT23039 Fashion

IT23041 Financial Services

IT23042 Fitness

IT23043 Food & Beverage

IT23044 Games / Games-Related

IT23045 Government

IT23046 Green / Eco-Friendly

IT23047 Health Products & Services

IT23048 Hospitality

IT23049 Information Technology (IT)

IT23000 Information Technology / Other:___

IT23050 Insurance

IT23051 Internet & New Media (NEW)

IT23052 Investment

IT23053 Law & Legal Services

IT23054 Logistics

IT23055 Manufacturing

IT23056 Marketplace

IT23057 Materials & Supplies

IT23058 Media, News & Newspaper

IT23059 Metals & Mining

IT23060 Movie / Film

IT23061 Multi-level Marketing

IT23062 Music

IT23063 News

IT23064 NextGen Technology (NEW)

IT23065 Nonprofit Organizations

IT23066 Oil & Gas

IT23067 Pharmaceuticals

IT23068 Political

IT23069 Professional Services

IT23070 Property / Developer

IT23071 Public Relations

IT23072 Publishing

IT23073 Radio

IT23076 Real Estate

IT23074 Recruitment

IT23077 Religion / Spirituality

IT23075 Restaurant

IT23078 Retail

IT23079 Robotics (NEW)

IT23080 Safety / Security

IT23081 Shipping (NEW)

IT23082 Small Business

IT23083 Social / Networking

IT23084 Software (NEW)

IT23085 Sports

IT23086 Sustainability & Environment

IT23087 Technology / Science

IT23088 Telecommunications

IT23090 Television

IT23092 Tourism

IT23093 Toy

IT23091 Training / Knowledge-Based

IT23089 Transportation

IT23094 Travel

IT23095 Utilities

IT23096 Website

Information Technology Features

IF23001 IT Department / Team of the Year

IF23002 Technical Professional of the Year

IF23003 IT Future Leader of the Year

IF23004 Fastest-Growing IT Company of the Year

IF23005 Most Innovative IT Company of the Year

IF23006 Startup IT Company of the Year

IF23007 IT Service Provider of the Year

IF23008 Best IT Campaign of the Year

IF23009 Best IT CSR Program of the Year

IF23010 Best IT Education Provider

IF23011 Best IT Software / System

IF23012 Best IT Workplace

IF23013 Best Technical Strategy

IF23014 Best Technical Support Strategy & Implementation

IF23015 Best Technical Support Solutions

IF23016 Best Technical Training & Development


General Management Categories

MA23001 Aerospace & Defense

MA23002 Aesthetics

MA23003 Agriculture

MA23004 App Development

MA23005 Art & Design

MA23006 Artificial Intelligence (NEW)

MA23007 Associations

MA23008 Automotive

MA23009 Banking

MA23010 Beauty & Cosmetics

MA23011 Biotechnology

MA23012 Branding, Advertising & Marketing

MA23013 Business to Business

MA23014 Business to Consumer

MA23015 Celebrity / Fan

MA23016 Chemicals

MA23017 Children

MA23018 Colleges / Universities

MA23019 Commercial

MA23020 Community

MA23021 Conglomerates (NEW)

MA23022 Construction

MA23024 Consultation

MA23025 Consumer Products / Services

MA23026 Corporate Social Responsibility

MA23027 Corporation

MA23023 Cyber Security

MA23028 Design / Web Agency

MA23029 Diversified Services (NEW)

MA23030 E-Commerce

MA23031 E-Learning

MA23032 Education

MA23033 Electronics

MA23034 Employment

MA23035 Energy

MA23036 Engineering

MA23037 Entertainment

MA23038 Events

MA23040 Family / Parenting

MA23039 Fashion

MA23041 Financial Services

MA23042 Fitness

MA23043 Food & Beverage

MA23044 Games / Games-Related

MA23045 Government

MA23046 Green / Eco-Friendly

MA23047 Health Products & Services

MA23048 Hospitality

MA23049 Information Technology (IT)

MA23050 Insurance

MA23051 Internet & New Media (NEW)

MA23052 Investment

MA23053 Law & Legal Services

MA23054 Logistics

MA23000 Management / Other:___

MA23055 Manufacturing

MA23056 Marketplace

MA23057 Materials & Supplies

MA23058 Media, News & Newspaper

MA23059 Metals & Mining

MA23060 Movie / Film

MA23061 Multi-level Marketing

MA23062 Music

MA23063 News

MA23064 NextGen Technology (NEW)

MA23065 Nonprofit Organizations

MA23066 Oil & Gas

MA23067 Pharmaceuticals

MA23068 Political

MA23069 Professional Services

MA23070 Property / Developer

MA23071 Public Relations

MA23072 Publishing

MA23073 Radio

MA23076 Real Estate

MA23074 Recruitment

MA23077 Religion / Spirituality

MA23075 Restaurant

MA23078 Retail

MA23079 Robotics (NEW)

MA23080 Safety / Security

MA23081 Shipping (NEW)

MA23082 Small Business

MA23083 Social / Networking

MA23084 Software (NEW)

MA23085 Sports

MA23086 Sustainability & Environment

MA23087 Technology / Science

MA23088 Telecommunications

MA23090 Television

MA23092 Tourism

MA23093 Toy

MA23091 Training / Knowledge-Based

MA23089 Transportation

MA23094 Travel

MA23095 Utilities

MA23096 Website

Management Features

MF23001 Chairman of the Year

MF23002 Future Management Leader of the Year

MF23003 Innovator of the Year

MF23004 Lifetime Achievement

MF23005 Inspiring Leadership of the Year

MF23006 Woman Leadership of the Year

MF23007 Best Management Strategy

MF23008 Best Design Management Strategy

MF23009 Best Engineering Management Strategy

MF23010 Best Facility Management Strategy

MF23011 Best Financial & Accounting Management Strategy

MF23012 Best HR Management Strategy

MF23013 Best Innovation Management Strategy

MF23014 Best IT Management Strategy

MF23015 Best Marketing Management Strategy

MF23016 Best Operation Management Strategy

MF23017 Best PR Management Strategy

MF23018 Best Procurement Management Strategy

MF23019 Best Program & Project Management Strategy

MF23020 Best Quality Management Strategy

MF23021 Best Risk Management Strategy

MF23022 Best R&D Management Strategy

MF23023 Best Sales Management Strategy

MF23024 Best Supply Chain Management Strategy

MF23025 Best Training & Knowledge Management Strategy

MF23026 Best Transformation & Change Management Strategy


General Marketing Categories

MC23001 Aerospace & Defense

MC23002 Aesthetics

MC23003 Agriculture

MC23004 App Development

MC23005 Art & Design

MC23006 Artificial Intelligence (NEW)

MC23007 Associations

MC23008 Automotive

MC23009 Banking

MC23010 Beauty & Cosmetics

MC23011 Biotechnology

MC23012 Branding, Advertising & Marketing

MC23013 Business to Business

MC23014 Business to Consumer

MC23015 Celebrity / Fan

MC23016 Chemicals

MC23017 Children

MC23018 Colleges / Universities

MC23019 Commercial

MC23020 Community

MC23021 Conglomerates (NEW)

MC23022 Construction

MC23024 Consultation

MC23025 Consumer Products / Services

MC23026 Corporate Social Responsibility

MC23027 Corporation

MC23023 Cyber Security

MC23028 Design / Web Agency

MC23029 Diversified Services (NEW)

MC23030 E-Commerce

MC23031 E-Learning

MC23032 Education

MC23033 Electronics

MC23034 Employment

MC23035 Energy

MC23036 Engineering

MC23037 Entertainment

MC23038 Events

MC23040 Family / Parenting

MC23039 Fashion

MC23041 Financial Services

MC23042 Fitness

MC23043 Food & Beverage

MC23044 Games / Games-Related

MC23045 Government

MC23046 Green / Eco-Friendly

MC23047 Health Products & Services

MC23048 Hospitality

MC23049 Information Technology (IT)

MC23050 Insurance

MC23051 Internet & New Media (NEW)

MC23052 Investment

MC23053 Law & Legal Services

MC23054 Logistics

MC23055 Manufacturing

MC23000 Marketing / Others:___

MC23056 Marketplace

MC23057 Materials & Supplies

MC23058 Media, News & Newspaper

MC23059 Metals & Mining

MC23060 Movie / Film

MC23061 Multi-level Marketing

MC23062 Music

MC23063 News

MC23064 NextGen Technology (NEW)

MC23065 Nonprofit Organizations

MC23066 Oil & Gas

MC23067 Pharmaceuticals

MC23068 Political

MC23069 Professional Services

MC23070 Property / Developer

MC23071 Public Relations

MC23072 Publishing

MC23073 Radio

MC23076 Real Estate

MC23074 Recruitment

MC23077 Religion / Spirituality

MC23075 Restaurant

MC23078 Retail

MC23079 Robotics (NEW)

MC23080 Safety / Security

MC23081 Shipping (NEW)

MC23082 Small Business

MC23084 Social / Networking

MC23083 Software (NEW)

MC23085 Sports

MC23086 Sustainability & Environment

MC23087 Technology / Science

MC23088 Telecommunications

MC23090 Television

MC23092 Tourism

MC23093 Toy

MC23091 Training / Knowledge-Based

MC23089 Transportation

MC23094 Travel

MC23095 Utilities

MC23096 Website

Marketing Features

BF23001 Marketing Agency of the Year

BF23002 Marketing Department / Team of the Year (NEW)

BF23003 Marketer of the Year

BF23004 Future Marketing Leader of the Year

BF23005 Marketing Executive of the Year

BF23006 Best Account-based Marketing Campaign

BF23007 Best Acquisition Marketing Campaign

BF23008 Best Affiliate Marketing Campaign

BF23009 Best Branded Content Campaign

BF23010 Best Brand Experience - B2B

BF23011 Best Brand Experience - Consumer

BF23012 Best Brand Marketing Campaign

BF23013 Best Buzz Marketing Campaign

BF23014 Best Campus Marketing Campaign

BF23015 Best Cause Marketing Campaign

BF23016 Best Content Marketing Campaign

BF23017 Best Contextual Marketing Campaign

BF23018 Best Conversational Marketing Campaign

BF23019 Best Customer Marketing Campaign

BF23020 Best Digital Marketing Campaign

BF23021 Best Email Marketing Campaign

BF23022 Best Event Marketing Campaign

BF23023 Best Experiential Marketing Campaign

BF23024 Best Global Marketing Campaign

BF23025 Best Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

BF23026 Best Inbound Marketing Campaign

BF23027 Best Influencer Marketing Campaign

BF23028 Best Integrated Marketing Campaign

BF23029 Best Interactive Marketing Campaign

BF23030 Best Mobile Marketing Campaign

BF23031 Best Multicultural Marketing Campaign

BF23032 Best Native Marketing Campaign

BF23033 Best Outbound Marketing Campaign

BF23034 Best Partner Marketing Campaign

BF23035 Best Personalize Marketing Campaign

BF23036 Best Product Marketing Campaign

BF23037 Best Relationship Marketing Campaign

BF23038 Best Search Engine Marketing Campaign

BF23039 Best Social Media Marketing Campaign

BF23040 Best Stealth Marketing Campaign

BF23041 Best Traditional Marketing Campaign

BF23042 Best Video Marketing Campaign

BF23043 Best Viral Marketing Campaign

BF23044 Best Voice Marketing Campaign

BF23045 Best Word of Mouth Marketing Campaign

BF23046 Best Youth Marketing Campaign

PR & Communications

General PR & Communications Categories

PR23001 Aerospace & Defense

PR23002 Aesthetics

PR23003 Agriculture

PR23004 App Development

PR23005 Art & Design

PR23006 Artificial Intelligence (NEW)

PR23007 Associations

PR23008 Automotive

PR23009 Banking

PR23010 Beauty & Cosmetics

PR23011 Biotechnology

PR23012 Branding, Advertising & Marketing

PR23013 Business to Business

PR23014 Business to Consumer

PR23015 Celebrity / Fan

PR23016 Chemicals

PR23017 Children

PR23018 Colleges / Universities

PR23019 Commercial

PR23020 Community

PR23021 Conglomerates (NEW)

PR23022 Construction

PR23024 Consultation

PR23025 Consumer Products / Services

PR23026 Corporate Social Responsibility

PR23027 Corporation

PR23023 Cyber Security

PR23028 Design / Web Agency

PR23029 Diversified Services (NEW)

PR23030 E-Commerce

PR23031 E-Learning

PR23032 Education

PR23033 Electronics

PR23034 Employment

PR23035 Energy

PR23036 Engineering

PR23037 Entertainment

PR23038 Events

PR23040 Family / Parenting

PR23039 Fashion

PR23041 Financial Services

PR23042 Fitness

PR23043 Food & Beverage

PR23044 Games / Games-Related

PR23045 Government

PR23046 Green / Eco-Friendly

PR23047 Health Products & Services

PR23048 Hospitality

PR23049 Information Technology (IT)

PR23050 Insurance

PR23051 Internet & New Media (NEW)

PR23052 Investment

PR23053 Law & Legal Services

PR23054 Logistics

PR23055 Manufacturing

PR23056 Marketplace

PR23057 Materials & Supplies

PR23058 Media, News & Newspaper

PR23059 Metals & Mining

PR23060 Movie / Film

PR23061 Multi-level Marketing

PR23062 Music

PR23063 News

PR23064 NextGen Technology (NEW)

PR23065 Nonprofit Organizations

PR23066 Oil & Gas

PR23067 Pharmaceuticals

PR23068 Political

PR23000 PR & Communications / Others:___

PR23069 Professional Services

PR23070 Property / Developer

PR23071 Public Relations

PR23072 Publishing

PR23073 Radio

PR23076 Real Estate

PR23074 Recruitment

PR23077 Religion / Spirituality

PR23075 Restaurant

PR23078 Retail

PR23079 Robotics (NEW)

PR23080 Safety / Security

PR23081 Shipping (NEW)

PR23082 Small Business

PR23083 Social / Networking

PR23084 Software (NEW)

PR23085 Sports

PR23086 Sustainability & Environment

PR23087 Technology / Science

PR23088 Telecommunications

PR23090 Television

PR23092 Tourism

PR23093 Toy

PR23091 Training / Knowledge-Based

PR23089 Transportation

PR23094 Travel

PR23095 Utilities

PR23096 Website

PR & Communications Features

PF23001 PR Agency of the Year

PF23002 PR Executive of the Year

PF23003 Future PR Leader of the Year

PF23004 Best PR Campaign

PF23005 Best PR Strategy Communcations Strategy

PF23006 Best Media Relations Strategy

PF23007 Best Community Relations Strategy

PF23008 Best Internal Communication Strategy

PF23009 Best Crisis Communication Strategy

PF23010 Best Public Affairs Strategy

PF23011 Best Digital Communication Strategy

PF23012 Best Social Media Communication Strategy

PF23013 Best CSR Communcation Strategy

PF23014 Best Event-Led PR Campaign

PF23015 Best Launch / Re-Launch Campaign

PF23016 Best PR-led Integrated Communcations

PF23017 Best Regional PR

Product & Service

Business Technology Solutions

General Business Technology Solutions Categories

BT23001 Analytic Solution (NEW)

BT23002 Application Programming Interface (API) Management Solution

BT23003 Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Solution

BT23004 Asset Management Solution

BT23005 Big Data Solution

BT23006 Blockchain Solution

BT23007 Business Intelligence Solution

BT23000 Business Technology Solution / Others:___

BT23008 Cloud Solution

BT23009 Content Management Solution

BT23010 Corporate Learning Solution

BT23011 Data Protection Solution

BT23012 e-Learning Solution

BT23013 Education Solution

BT23014 Emerging Technology Solution

BT23015 ERP Solution

BT23016 Event Management Solution

BT23017 Financial Management Solution

BT23018 FinTech Solution

BT23019 Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution

BT23020 Healthcare Technology Solution

BT23021 Human Resource Solution

BT23023 Infrastructure Service Solution

BT23022 Insurance Solution

BT23024 IoT Analytics Solution

BT23025 Lead Generation Solution

BT23026 Learning Mangement Solution (NEW)

BT23027 Legal Solution

BT23028 Manufacturing Solution

BT23029 Marketing / Public Relations Solution

BT23030 Mobile Development Solution

BT23031 Network Security Solution

BT23032 Office Productivity Solution (NEW)

BT23033 Operation Management Solution

BT23034 Payments Solution

BT23035 Personalized Learning Solution

BT23036 Platform Service Solution

BT23037 Project Management Solution

BT23038 Ransomware Removal Solution (NEW)

BT23039 Real Estate or Construction Management Solution

BT23040 Relationship Management Solution

BT23041 Remote Working Solution

BT23042 Science & Technology Information Solution (NEW)

BT23043 Search Solution (NEW)

BT23044 Security Management Solution

BT23045 Service Management Solution

BT23046 Social Business Solution

BT23047 Social Networking Solution

BT23048 Software Development Solution

BT23049 Supply Chain Management Solution

BT23050 System Management Solution

BT23051 Talent Management Solution (NEW)

BT23052 Telecommunication Solution (NEW)

BT23053 Time & Expense Solution (NEW)

BT23054 Transaction Processing Solution (NEW)

BT23055 Vendor Management Solution (NEW)

BT23056 Virtual Event Technology Solution

BT23057 Virtual Lab Education Solution

BT23058 Virtual Learning Solution

BT23059 Web Services Solution

BT23060 Wellness Solution

BT23061 Work Management Platform

Product & Services

General Product & Services Categories

PS23001 Aerospace & Defense

PS23002 Aesthetics

PS23003 Agriculture

PS23004 App Development

PS23005 Art & Design

PS23006 Artificial Intelligence (NEW)

PS23007 Associations

PS23008 Automotive

PS23009 Banking

PS23010 Beauty & Cosmetics

PS23011 Biotechnology

PS23012 Branding, Advertising & Marketing

PS23013 Business to Business

PS23014 Business to Consumer

PS23015 Celebrity / Fan

PS23016 Chemicals

PS23017 Children

PS23018 Colleges / Universities

PS23019 Community

PS23020 Conglomerates (NEW)

PS23021 Construction

PS23022 Consultation

PS23023 Consumer Products / Services

PS23024 Corporation

PS23025 Design / Web Agency

PS23026 Diversified Services (NEW)

PS23027 E-Commerce

PS23028 E-Learning

PS23029 Education

PS23030 Electronics

PS23031 Employment

PS23032 Energy

PS23033 Engineering

PS23034 Entertainment

PS23035 Events

PS23037 Family / Parenting

PS23036 Fashion

PS23038 Financial Services

PS23039 Fitness

PS23040 Food & Beverage

PS23041 Games / Games-Related

PS23042 Government

PS23043 Green / Eco-Friendly

PS23044 Hardware

PS23045 Health & Pharmaceuticals

PS23046 Hospitality

PS23047 Information Technology (IT)

PS23048 Insurance

PS23049 Investment

PS23050 Law & Legal Services

PS23051 Logistics

PS23052 Manufacturing

PS23053 Marketplace

PS23054 Materials & Supplies

PS23055 Media, News & Newspaper

PS23056 Metals & Mining

PS23057 Movie / Film

PS23058 Multi-level Marketing

PS23059 Music

PS23060 NextGen Technology (NEW)

PS23061 Nonprofit Organizations

PS23062 Oil & Gas

PS23063 Pharmaceuticals

PS23064 Political

PS23000 Product & Services / Others:___

PS23065 Professional Services

PS23066 Property / Developer

PS23067 Public Relations

PS23068 Publishing

PS23069 Radio

PS23071 Real Estate

PS23072 Religion / Spirituality

PS23070 Restaurant

PS23073 Retail

PS23074 Robotics (NEW)

PS23075 Safety / Security

PS23076 Shipping (NEW)

PS23077 Small Business

PS23078 Social / Networking

PS23079 Software (NEW)

PS23080 Sports

PS23081 Sustainability & Environment

PS23082 Technology / Science

PS23083 Telecommunications

PS23086 Tourism

PS23087 Toy

PS23085 Training / Knowledge-Based

PS23084 Transportation

PS23088 Travel

PS23089 Utilities

Product & Services Features

SF23001 Product Development Department / Team of the Year

SF23002 Product Development Executive of the Year

SF23003 Product Management Team of the Year

SF23004 Best Advertising Strategy

SF23005 Best Digital Campaign Strategy

SF23006 Best Marketing Strategy


Video (NEW)

General Video (NEW) Categories

VA23001 B2B Branded Entertainment

VA23002 B2C Branded Entertainment

VA23004 Corporate Overview

VA23003 Corporate Social Responsibility

VA23017 Direct Response Marketing

VA23005 Diversity & Inclusion

VA23006 Documentary

VA23007 Events & Webcasts

VA23008 Fashion & Lifestyle

VA23009 Food & Drink

VA23010 Health & Wellness

VA23011 Internal / Employee Communications

VA23019 Media & Entertainment

VA23013 Motivational

VA23015 Orientation

VA23021 Product Sales

VA23016 Public Service

VA23023 Science & Education

VA23024 Security / Safety

VA23022 Service Sales

VA23025 Social Video

VA23027 Sports

VA23026 Sustainability & Environment

VA23020 Technology

VA23028 Training

VA23029 Travel & Tourism

VA23031 Video / Others:___

VA23030 Viral


Business Website

General Business Website Categories

WS23001 Aerospace & Defense

WS23002 Aesthetics

WS23003 Agriculture

WS23004 App Development

WS23005 Art & Design

WS23006 Artificial Intelligence (NEW)

WS23007 Associations

WS23008 Automotive

WS23009 Banking

WS23010 Beauty & Cosmetics

WS23011 Biotechnology

WS23016 Blog

WS23012 Branding, Advertising & Marketing

WS23013 Business & Office Supplies

WS23014 Business to Business

WS23015 Business to Consumer

WS23000 Business Website / Others:___

WS23017 Celebrity / Fan

WS23018 Chemicals

WS23019 Children

WS23020 Colleges / Universities

WS23021 Commercial

WS23022 Community

WS23023 Conglomerates (NEW)

WS23024 Construction

WS23026 Consultation

WS23027 Consumer Products / Services

WS23028 Corporate Social Responsibility

WS23029 Corporation

WS23025 Cyber Security

WS23032 Delivery Services

WS23030 Design / Web Agency

WS23031 Diversified Services (NEW)

WS23033 E-Commerce

WS23034 E-Learning

WS23035 Education

WS23036 Electronics

WS23037 Employment

WS23038 Energy

WS23039 Engineering

WS23040 Entertainment

WS23041 Events

WS23043 Family / Parenting

WS23042 Fashion

WS23044 Financial Services

WS23045 Fitness

WS23046 Food & Beverage

WS23047 Games / Games-Related

WS23048 Government

WS23049 Green / Eco-Friendly

WS23050 Health Products & Services

WS23051 Hospitality

WS23052 Information Technology (IT)

WS23053 Insurance

WS23054 Internet & New Media (NEW)

WS23055 Investment

WS23056 Law & Legal Services

WS23057 Logistics

WS23058 Manufacturing

WS23059 Marketplace

WS23060 Materials & Supplies

WS23061 Media, News & Newspaper

WS23062 Metals & Mining

WS23063 Movie / Film

WS23064 Multi-level Marketing

WS23065 Music

WS23066 News

WS23067 NextGen Technology (NEW)

WS23068 Nonprofit Organizations

WS23069 Oil & Gas

WS23070 Pharmaceuticals

WS23071 Political

WS23072 Professional Services

WS23073 Property / Developer

WS23074 Public Relations

WS23075 Publishing

WS23076 Radio

WS23079 Real Estate

WS23077 Recruitment

WS23080 Religion / Spirituality

WS23078 Restaurant

WS23081 Retail

WS23082 Robotics (NEW)

WS23083 Safety / Security

WS23084 Shipping (NEW)

WS23085 Small Business

WS23086 Social / Networking

WS23087 Software (NEW)

WS23088 Sports

WS23089 Sustainability & Environment

WS23090 Technology / Science

WS23091 Telecommunications

WS23093 Television

WS23095 Tourism

WS23096 Toy

WS23094 Training / Knowledge-Based

WS23092 Transportation

WS23097 Travel

WS23098 Utilities

Business Website Features

WF23001 Best Use of Photography

WF23002 Best Content

WF23003 Best Graphics

WF23004 Best Homepage

WF23005 Best Navigation / Structure

WF23006 Best Use of Animation

WF23007 Best Use of Instagram

WF23008 Best Use of Video

WF23009 Best User Experience

WF23010 Best Visual Design