Winners' Quote

Winner Quote - Rosemary Tambini
Winning multiple TITAN Business Awards is a testament to our commitment to our clients. Though we work with companies of all sizes, Makers Nutrition is proudest to be recognized for our efforts in leveling the playing field for so many startups and budding entrepreneurs.
Rosemary Tambini, United States
Winner Quote - Ruth Fertig
It is an honor to receive these international accolades. Years of investment in AI technology are paying off with the public recognition of our achievements. We are proud to bring more efficiency and cost cutting to the talent acquisition industry.
Ruth Fertig, United States
Winner Quote - Colleen Jones
This is a very exciting win and the team is delighted to be recognized in this way. After we had to initially shelve our plans for growth in 2019 and most of 2020, we saw significant expansion in 2021, with a 175% increase in revenue. We’re thrilled to have won gold in the growth achievement category at the 2022 Titan Business Awards. This is our first award for business success specifically, and it’s a tremendous honor.
Colleen Jones, United States
Winner Quote - Pavel Stepanov
Winning the gold award for growth from the Titan Business Awards has helped our organization gain even more credibility, authority, and impact for our services than we already had. We hope that it builds more trust with our clients. We also hope it persuades those interested in our services that we are being taken seriously in the industry, and we are a service that produces results for businesses of all sizes. There is a reason we are growing, and that’s because people are experiencing our service working for them. As a business that primarily targets the United States and Canada, it sets up more credibility and authority for us if we are to expand into new markets, and offer more services beyond English-speaking Filipino virtual assistants.
Pavel Stepanov, United States
Winner Quote - DaBina Donley
Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest. Being the winner of the TITAN Business Awards, and being a Gold Winner at that, has allowed my team and me to recognize ourselves as not just a digital marketing company that designs websites, but as a digital marketing company that produces quality, award-winning websites. To be a Gold Winner out of 800 applicants is something that we are very, very proud of.
DaBina Donley, United States
Winner Quote - Abrar Hashmi
Agile Brains Consulting is not new to awards, yet the Titan Business Awards is special. We have been blessed to have a phenomenal team who is committed to our vision - "make technology solutions as simple as ABC" with ABC and awards such as these help us attract talent. For our existing team, this is a moment of immense pride and honor - we are thrilled to have a world-class team supporting our clients and achieving this award is a moment for us to savior and celebrate.
Abrar Hashmi, United States