1 Please provide us with a brief bio of yourself.

Hi ! My name is Push Sharma and I am the Founder & CEO of Haldy. We have launched the World’s First Sugarfree Turmeric Mints in Singapore, which is manufactured in a US F.D.A. & B.R.C.G.S. food safety certified facility. We have a Design Patent on our unique and innovative recyclable Mint pack, besides several Trademarks. I was elected President of my MSRED Class of 2006 at Columbia University, New York and I have lived and worked in 5 countries besides India where I am originally from. Passionate. Innovative. Hard Working. Collaborative, these adjectives define my 22+ years of professional work experience across various aspects of businesses from Private Equity Investments to Business Development for my own entrepreneurial ventures. I believe my ability to think creatively, analytically and outside the box have been instrumental in my professional success. I am based out of Singapore where I live with my wife, 2 kids and a dog.

2 What is your role in the company?

I am the Founder & CEO/MD of HaldyPlus Nutrition Pte. Ltd, Singapore.

3 Please tell us more about your organization.

We are a lean multi-award winning startup. The company was founded in June 2021 and we launched our first product innovation on 1st February 2023.

4 Describe the industry your organization is specialized in, as well as its main characteristics.

We are a F&B company (CPG). Our first product innovation is Sugarfree Turmeric Mints, which is a 'Better For You' mint. Brand Philosophy: 'Back to Roots’ Our innovative mints are literally derived from ‘roots’ such as Turmeric & the Ayurvedic principles underlying our formulations also tap into the roots of a rich and ancient wellness culture. We stand for providing a balance of health & flavour through our Turmeric infused products. We make the benefits of Ayurveda accessible via our modern innovative product offerings. This makes our Sugarfree Turmeric Mints and Patented Packaging truly unique. Our dispensing mechanism offers a touch-less and hygienic way to dispense and makes sharing easy. Moreover, our sleek mint pack fits in most bags and pockets, which makes it convenient to carry. We have used earthy colors in our design and also stated Back To Roots words on both sides of the mint pack. The use of art, colors, yoga pose and roots of the ‘Tree of Life’ that flow beneath her symbolise our brand philosophy - ‘Back To Roots’. Lastly, the inner dispenser has a QR code, which helps connect the consumer with the Brand.

5 Congratulations! As the winner of the TITAN Business Awards, what does it mean for you and your team to receive this distinction?

This is truly an amazing industry recognition for us as a young bootstrapped startup and something that is truly special for us. We hope to build on this exciting foundation and continue building on our dream to make Haldy a household brand, globally.

6 How has winning an international award help promote your organization?

It has been quite exciting ever since we announced this award to the larger audience across our social media platforms. We have gained great visibility and we are certain it will generate a lot of interesting opportunities for Haldy as we look to expand and scale the brand internationally.

7 What are the challenges of developing / marketing your winning entry(ies)?

To be honest, we were unsure about the outcome since our brand was launched less than a year ago on 1st February 2023. That being said, we were confident that we had a winning entry because of the traction, awards, patent, trademarks we have received ever since we launched the brand. Since then we have grown from strength to strength and that was something that we were able to demonstrate while submitting our entry.

8 As a business owner, please tell us more about your ideation process.

When the Covid pandemic happened, like many people I was trying to find ways to boost my immunity. I knew that Turmeric is a superfood well known for its host of health benefits. But the challenge was that to eat Turmeric in a pill or powder form was neither tasty nor convenient - to be honest, it felt medicinal and hard to build a routine around. I wanted to find a way to include Turmeric in my daily routine in a tasty, refreshing and convenient way, but without any aftertaste of Turmeric or Staining of Teeth in a unique convenient pack. From that vision, the concept of HALDY was born - in a form of Sugarfree Turmeric Mints. I made it a point to steer clear from Therapeutic claims. Our product falls under the food category (grocery) and we have all the necessary certifications and licenses there were needed to import this product. Singapore offers a diverse consumer base, which provided a perfect ‘test base’ for us prior to launching Haldy. Our Mints are packed in a premium, beautifully designed, recyclable ‘patented’ packaging that is sleek and chic. It is smaller than a credit card, which makes it compact, but still fits ~40mints per pack. The pack also sticks on most magnetic surfaces (including a magnetic phone case, or in the Jeans (small pocket) which makes it convenient to carry). The Inner dispenser which offers a touches hygienic dispensing has a QR code, which helps consumers connect with the brand. Now that the the world has suddenly woken up to the benefits of Turmeric, I am proud to bring it in one of the most tasty, refreshing and convenient format there is. The consumer insights reaffirmed my belief; ie. to include Turmeric as a part of my daily routine, in a tasty, refreshing and convenient way. I wanted to connect with the consumer by means of story telling. Hence the blend of ancient Ayurveda in a modern format was appealing. I also didn’t want to introduce yet another mint brand but something that offers consumers a lot more. Consumers have been consuming Turmeric in various forms which have been difficult to build a routine around. Turmeric (Cookies, Power, Pill, Capsule, Latte, Gummies) etc. are not only expensive, but are not easy to build a routine, due to the bulky packaging and thus not convenient to carry. Also, the taste of Turmeric can be polarising, thus I had to find a way to make it appealing to the mass market consumers. Given Singapore does not allow consumption of chewing gums, to launch a breath-mint was a perfect fit. The brand name Haldy is a mix of the word Haldi (aka Turmeric in Hindi language) and the word Healthy. Our logo h was inspired by the Turmeric leaf, our pneumonic device (Haldy Lady) was inspired by Indian Mural Art from Kerala with an Indo-Western influence, which gives the brand a modern yet earthy, organic look and feel. Thus with trendy eco-friendly packaging and delicious taste of the product it has been a win for all.

9 What is your own definition of a successful team / organization / business?

A successful Company / Business needs to have a team built around trust, empathy, hard work, collaboration and be diverse, equitable and inclusive. Team members need to think like entrepreneurs, should have a growth mindset with a problem solving can-do attitude.

10 What led you / your organization to become successful within the industry you are currently in?

I believe in a collaborative economy and enjoy working with fellow entrepreneurs, startups and partners. Since this was a unique product and the fact that I didn’t have prior brand or product experience or funding I had to work extremely hard. I continue working with local Singapore SME’s - from creative designers, product manufacturers, photographers to warehousing and delivery experts. We had people from all ages, different nationalities, races/ethnicities, genders etc. who provided their candid feedback on our product during trials. We incorporated their feedback into the product, overall branding, which helped formalise key messages, such as 'Tasty, Refreshing, Convenient, No Teeth Staining, No Turmeric Aftertaste, Better for You, Back To Roots, Add the Golden Goodness Of Turmeric To Boost Your Daily Routine etc.' As on date, our youngest consumer is 3+ years old and our oldest is 90+ years old. The overall feedback has been a consistent 5 stars on all online channels. Thus this has made us successful in the f&b industry that we are a part of.

11 How has the country, you are based in, helped move your industry forward?

Haldy is a proudly home-grown Singaporean brand. The unique multi-cultural landscape of Singapore offers rich inspiration for innovation. We are very proud to have worked with local talent for the strategy, design and art direction to bring Haldy to life. The Singapore government and various organisations fully support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Ever since we launched our brand, we have been working closely with local corporations such as the SBF, AmCham, ATC etc. Thus we are really excited to be part of the local startup ecosystem.

12 What have you found to be a hindering factor, for your business, during the entire course of the pandemic, and how did you overcome that hinderance?

Haldy is my Covid baby. There was a lot of uncertainty as the world was battling Covid-19, which made travel restricted. In addition, to pitch Haldy to my seasoned advisors (CEO’s and CMO’s of large MNC’s) was not easy and I was challenged on every step of the way. I took their feedback as a gift and with a clear vision, determination and by working tirelessly on solutions, I brought Haldy to life after 18 months since the day I launched my company. I have played every possible role there was in the journey as I continue to grow the brand. Since my R&D team was based in India, my product manufacturing team was based in China, two out of the three strategic advisors were in New York and the rest of my extended team is based in Singapore, to bring them all together was challenging. Operationally, we overcame several challenges along the way - since travel was restricted, our consumer trials took longer than usual and the delay in freight and associated costs really impacted our launch and pricing. We focussed on things that we could control (eg. setting up warehouse, finalising our listing with various online marketplaces etc.) and despite all the delay and uncertainty due to Covid-19, we were able to bring Haldy to life on 1st February 2023.

13 What are the current trends in the business industry that you are most excited about?

There a several trends around food that I am excited about - Vegan, Plant based, Ayurveda, Keto friendly, Gluten free, Lactose free, Superfoods, Soy based products, etc. are trending and there is a lot of innovation in this space.

14 What resources would you recommend to someone who is searching to improve their business prospects and organizational success?

You could register for various online/in-person courses or programs based on your area of interest or business to hone your / team skills. There are several programs that you can search on google and/or even via LinkedIn.

15 Where do you see the evolution of the overall business industry in the next 5-10 years?

Technology, AI, Innovation etc. would be the key drivers in the evolution of the overall industry including the F&B industry.

16 Who inspired you in your life, and why?

In general I seek inspiration for all those who work hard, have a positive attitude, are solution minded, creative and have a growth mindset, in that regard my family - wife & my kids inspire me. Corporate : Steve Jobs - his creative marketing genius mind Sports (Cricket) : Virat Kohli - his commitment and ability to win matches against the odds

17 What is your key to success? Any parting words of wisdom?

If you are looking to become an entrepreneur - the sooner you start the better it is. Fail fast, but fall forward. Don’t overthink whatever you are planning to launch - just keep it simple, since you will never get it right the first time. Start small, be flexible, so you can pivot if required. Seek advice and make sure you speak to as many people / advisors / mentors as you can.

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